Know Everything About How To Order Weed Online in British Columbia

We are an informational resource here to assist medical marijuana and recreational pot users alike with sourcing the highest quality cannabis from the very best companies online.  We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about cannabis or address any concerns you might have about Buy Marijuana Weed online.

Whether you are looking for recreational weed, medical marijuana or CBD medicine, if you are wondering how to order marijuana online, we’re here to help.  If you are wondering if your delivery will be safe and secure;or just want to learn more about the payment and order process, we can answer your questions. It’s our mission to make sure the marijuana you are looking for comes straight to your door.  Ordering cannabis online is easy!  

First, make sure the site you are dealing with is legit.  Does it look professional, do they have good information, do they seem to have the customer in mind?  Here are some examples of online marijuana dispensaries providing excellent customer service and quality product.

Buy Marijuana Weed

An excellent example of what to look for is Buy Marijuana Weed, one of Canada’s premiere online dispensaries that serves customers from coast to coast.  They promise delivery within two business days with local same day delivery coming soon. User review : “ Buy Marijuana Weed has amazing weed, lots of good deals and great service – they even offer a free quarter with your first order!  Everything I have ever ordered from them has been excellent. Five stars!” 

Once you’ve found a site like Order Weed Online, peruse the menu online, choose your cannabis products – whether bud, extracts, edibles, or topicals and place your order.  Then simply go to your own bank’s website and  e-transfer your total dollar amount. (If you’ve never done an e-transfer, learn how here : .)   When your funds are received, you get an email telling you that your cannabis is on the way, and when to expect your order delivered straight to your door. 

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 Canadian cannabis consumers have more choice than ever before these days –  a far cry from just a few years ago when most people’s best option was meeting their dealer at the local coffee shop.  Then there was the advent of the storefront dispensaries operated by early cannabis advocates and compassion clubs, Sadly in the wake of legalization, many of those small stores were shut down supposedly leaving government approved licensed producer weed as the only option for Canadians.  Thankfully, online marijuana dispensaries came to the rescue providing real choice for Canadian cannabis consumers

News reports and anecdotal evidence show that Canadians by far are choosing online marijuana dispensaries for their cannabis product needs.  But why?

Buy Marijuana Weed Online

There are a myriad of reasons. Price for many is a huge factor.  A simple comparison of the offerings on the government websites compared to other online marijuana dispensary services makes the wise choice clear. It’s common to see the government sites charging as much as $48 for three and a half grams  and sometimes as much as 75 dollars – pricing that has long time canna consumers flabbergasted.  Consumers using other online marijuana dispensaries can expect to get more than triple the cannabis for their dollar.  And price isn’t the only factor! 

The quality of cannabis and cannabis products can vary considerably on the government sites.  Remember they’re still learning – they don’t have the benefit and advantage of decades of genetics, learning, and skills that the master growers that provide the weeds to cannabis online dispensaries have. 

Additionally the range of products available at other online marijuana dispensaries far surpass what is available in any government store  nationwide.  From extracts like shatter and diamonds and hash to creams, topicals and bath bombs – and even edibles like CBD gummies,  brownies and other popular products – Canada’s online marijuana dispensaries have you covered but the government stores do not. 

When it comes to price, consumer choice and product knowledge independent online marijuana dispensaries are far superior.