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When Will Weed Be Legal In The USA?

By Evelyn Amato,

It’s interesting to consider that in many ways the American cannabis industry has advanced in some impressive ways in those states where it is accepted and legal but because of the fact that the plant is still federally illegal the industry is impeded in ways that the Canadian industry is not. There is a lot of conjecture around the possibility that the Biden administration might legalize cannabis. Others feel this perspective is likely too helpful – they just don’t see federal attitudes changing that much anytime soon. There have been some interesting recent initiatives though and if the politicians push the way they are promising to, our neighbors to the south just might be as legal as we are.

CNBC recently reported that “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and two other Democratic senators said Monday that they will push to pass this year sweeping legislation that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana…” We are sure you will agree – it’s about time! Now that we can order weed online British Columbia to The Maritimes, prohibition seems absolutely ridiculous. We can order weed online Saskatchewan wide, while they are still huddling around hiding in parking lots waiting for their dealer. Buy marijuana, weed, in any format at all in some American states and you can still expect to do some considerable time or pay a hefty fine. It seems like something out of another time. The good news is that its not just federally, more and more states are starting to come on board with modern thanking whether they are going the way of decriminalising or are outright legalizing. It is a political move that makes à lot of sense – and comes with many societal benefits. 

Tax money that comes from cannabis sales can be applied to social and municipal issues where it is most needed, controlled product can be more easily kept from the underage and more. Cannabis can be treated like any other consumer product with appropriate labelling. Also legalization of cannabis literally creates a brand new industry, job additions instead of job losses, and more. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are beginning to see the incredible advantages of legalizing from lessening rates of incarceration to new jobs and new revenue for the tax coffers. Let’s support our friends and canna family in the USA in legalizing today.

Marijuana In The Movies!

By Evelyn Amato,

Alright, we know you’re all sitting around watching the netflix, checking out old videos on youtube, downloading movies on torrents , signing up for new video subscription services and the like, while you order weed online British Columbia to the Maritimes! While we encourage you to buy weed, Canada – we also think you should sit back and watch the weed! We had a previous episode where we spoke about some of what you might have missed in the North America wide world of weed podcasting. You might have to look a little further than your fave podcasting platform to catch the recommendations in this next piece, but we know if you are motivated you will be able to find them without TOO much trouble. 

So get ready to search these out, you might find them free online or you might have to buy weed, marijuana or stoner classic movies, but we think you will agree with us that the laughs are worth it! And of course, when we talk about laughs and stoner movies, there is nothing funnier than that old classic Reefer Madness. It wasn’t ever supposed to be a comedy. A prohibition classic, the ridiculousness of the way the characters respond to cannabis (murder, prostitution, debauchery, delinquency – you know, the things that always happen when you smoke a joint at a party! ). On the other side of the scale, the modern cannabis themed comedy Smiley Face is a lot more relatable for todays stoners – the adventures of a stoner female trying to accomplish some important goals while super stoned on edibles. 

Worth tracking down if you haven’t seen it – accompany it with some great edibles from the menu to make the movie mean just a little bit more meaningful for you! And of course no examination of cannabis themed movies can help but mention the amazing activists and actors, Cheech and Chong, who both speak out about cannabis into their late 70s. In Fact, they both appeared on the cover of Skunk Magazine this year! Another cannabis classic that deserves a mention here, is of course, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

We’ve heard cannabis fans say they went to White Castle when they were stateside specifically because of this stoner movie. If you go on a mission of your own, bring us back a couple of burgers!

The Story of “How Weed Won!”

By Evelyn Amato,

Buy Weed Canada!” was how cannabis loving Canadians heard the initial promise of legalization. From the moment the legalization of cannabis became a serious election issue – everything changed.  The fact that the plant that so many love ever made it to the federal ballot box was a bit of a fascinating journey in itself.  Though voters across Canada – and in a majority of states across America where voters are increasingly saying yes to medical cannabis – and even recreational weed- are showing that the old “wisdom” touted in political backrooms was verifiably untrue.  Weed, it turns out, DOES “get out the vote” – and it actually brings some passionate voters ready to mark their ballot for the guy saying “Legalize!”  Not too long ago, those who said they expected to buy marijuana / weed online legally in Canada some day were openly mocked – and that included the guy standing at the podium in the political debate. 

It seems so strange when just half a decade later grandmothers are happily, and legally choosing to order weed online, British Columbia to Ontario.  Back then, other politicians thought the guy talking legalization on the podium was pretty much talking crazy talk.  The voters thought differently though, and proved that old adage wrong.  They came out in droves and voted, essentially, for legalization – for change. They voted against lies, against a hundred years of prohibition, and they won. “WEed Won!” they said and posted on social media with hashtags, and yelled, celebrating at 420 through the streets of several major cities.   The celebrations were understandable, for dozens of years not only had people been told that they were crazy for thinking the country would ever legalize the weed – and it turned out those people had been the ones who were right about the plant all along! 

Many Canadian cannabis advocates and activists speak out regularly about how they are less than happy with some of the regulations and the way that cannabis has been rolled out, and a lot of people certainly agree that the legacy market is way better at growing and selling weed than the government stores are so far, but no matter, the simple fact that the stigma has been reduced enough that professional people are now comfortable in sharing their cannabis use and people who have never tried it before are trying it now.

Where to Order Weed Online from Canada

By Evelyn Amato,

Yes- Ask any Canadian where to get superior weed and they’ll tell you Canada. ask- them where to order weed online British Columbia.  Basically you ask any Canadian where to buy weed in Canada they’re gonna tell you British Columbia has a reputation for superior weed though of course people in other provinces will tell you you can buy weed online that’s just as good anywhere across the country.  It is true however that BC Bud has developed an international reputation for good reason – whether it’s the skill of the growers, the West Coast or the climate it’s hard to say. 

Everybody has an opinion but the truth is that cannabis grown in the West Coast of Canada – the great province of British Columbia is as well known and highly prized as the weed grown in California’s Humboldt County and that’s saying a lot! Canada did not start growing or smoking weed in 2018 with legalization.  Canadians and the plant go back way further than that and in British Columbia in particular you’ll find people who love to grow the weed so we source a lot of our online cannabis from BC because as you know it’s important to us that we offer our customers the very best –  from excellent top shelf flower to gourmet quality edibles to high quality topicals, bath bombs,  skin creams and more you know that when you come here we deliver the very best to your door.  Our trusted delivery partners provide services like you wouldn’t believe you can track your product door-to-door just like I can on Uber all you have to do is sit back relax and wait for it to arrive.  Nothing could be easier after all!

 If you haven’t tried cannabis edibles for a while try ours –  you will be amazed at the different kinds of products that have been infused with CBD and THC for your healing, recreational and dining pleasure!  We offer products that anybody would be proud to serve on their dining table for any grownups only event so mix it up a little and surprise your friends at your next party with an incredible delicious gourmet treat! Yum!  Did you know you also get special bonuses if you recommend us to your friends?  Yes we have all kinds of incentives if the smile on your friends faces aren’t enough! Order to day we know you won’t be disappointed!

Where to Buy Legal Cannabis Online in British Columbia

By Evelyn Amato,

Buy weed Canada wide to enjoy the pleasures of coast to coast legalization as Canadians in every province have since October 2018.  Two and a half years into legalization in Canada it is plain to see that the fear expressed by many on the anti pot reefer madness side about what would happen when people were allowed to buy marijuana, weed, hash, edibles and extracts legally has not come to pass. 

In fact cannabis retail stores and cannabis online weed delivery have become such an accepted part of the social,business, medical and recreational landscape in Canada since legalization that in the age of covid, cannabis delivery and cannabis retail stores have been deemed by governments across the country as essential services – something almost impossible to imagine when you reflect on the fact that just a few short years ago people were being arrested for just a couple of joints!  These days governments everywhere agree that in all jurisdictions where cannabis has become legal, it is in fact an essential service!

Talk about a big change from the stigma laden days of yore – and it is thanks to activists years ago who allowed people to order weed online,  British Columbia weed that famous BC Bud that became known internationally!  These days of course cannabis retail stores are everywhere but those in the know still prefer to order weed online because they know it has the best quality and variety.  Others say they prefer to support the legacy market.  Some say the dosages available for edibles in the government stocked retail stores are not high enough to meet the threshold of their pain so when it comes time to buy weed, Canada has put its trust into the online marijuana dispensary. 

We are grateful for that support of the legacy market and honored that our customers choose us to serve their cannabis needs ordering is easy And your product comes direct to your door thanks to our trusted delivery partners you can treats your package on the way we make the process very easy! Just visit our menu, make your choice, pay with interact etransfer and sit back and wait for the knock on your door!  We also offer lots of incentives and bonuses for your referrals and repeat business so come back often!  Remember to tell your family and friends so they can benefit and you can earn extra rewards.

Save the name to buy weed in Canada

By Evelyn Amato,

Buy marijuana, weed, edibles, topicals, weed related products and accessories online instead of rushing to retail stores, waiting in long lines, dealing with crowds and hassles. Buying marijuana online has so many benefits, so we recommend that you order weed online, British Columbia to Ontario no matter where you live, you will likely elevate your weed experience considerably by coming to our website Buy Marijuana Weed for all of your weed needs.

There are a million reasons why buying online is superior to buying at any retail store, no matter where they are, these days. Especially in 2020 as more people shelter at home and avoid going out when they don’t have to, and governments everywhere are encouraging that you just stay home, it sure is good to know that you have safe, trusted weed delivery that you can actually count on. Don’t forget, governments who just a few years ago charged people for possession of cannabis are now calling it an essential service – and while we certainly agree with that assessment, we don’t want to buy medical cannabis online from them! So those in the know come to more trusted, experienced legacy providers like Buy Marijuana Weed! Not only is our product way better (we source all of our cannabis from only the very best growers in the land, highly experienced in all aspects of the cannabis flower). Similarly, the edibles and topicals and extracts we offer our loyal clientele come from only the very best providers.

Our stellar reputation is important to us and we are proud that our customers keep on coming back and referring us to their family and weed loving friends! Thank our regular customers we offer all kinds of incentives, special deals and bonuses. Not only that but we deliver product right to your door, quickly and with the utmost discretion – in fact ordering from us is just as easy as ordering any other product – straight to your door and you can even track your order as it makes its way to you! Nothing could be easier – and our purchase procedure is simple too.

Just visit our menu, make your selections, pay, and sit back and wait for the very best weed you have ever tried to get to your door! We know for sure you will be coming back for more so don’t forget to bookmark this site to make us your go-to for all the weed you need! 

Where to Buy Marijuana Weed Online at the Very Best Quality

By Evelyn Amato,

Cannabis has always been very popular in Canada and since legalization in 2018 more than two years ago, more and more people have come out of the proverbial cannabis closet (or grow room!?) and become more open and vocal about their use of cannabis.  No longer just something you get in a baggie, handed to you by a neighbor with little choice about the strain or vintage, these days pot lovers have a million different options – first they can choose between indica, sativa or hybrids, and then once they have made that choice there are dozens if not hundreds of strains in every possible variety to choose from. 

Each strain has its own smell, taste, effect – and of course everyone has their particular favourites.  There are lots of different options these days on where to get your weed, but it is those who have figured out where to buy marijuana – weed – online – at the very best quality places that are benefiting the most!  When it comes to buying marijuana online, there are a ton of choices but smart consumers come to places like ours – that have developed reputations for quality bud, excellent extracts and edibles and caring customer service.   Not only is it more convenient to order weed online than to wait in line in the cold or during covid at a brick and mortar cannabis retail store, but you will find much more variety in terms of dosages and product here where you can order cannabis online to be delivered to your door where you can enjoy it in the comfort of  your own home with minimal contact. 

Discreet and secure delivery is an additional bonus that our customers report make a big difference to their buying experience.  Others like the benefits of the app like being able to pay in different ways, the ability to track the status of your order, and the bonuses and discounts offered to regular customers.  Overall, it is agreed, it is a convenient and hassle free way to buy weed related products right to your door.  No matter what kind of cannabis or cannabis infused products you prefer, or whether you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, you know we have your back!  Bookmark us for swift, reliable ordering of marijuana products delivered straight to your doorstep.  We know you will join our loyal customer base and you will never want to go back to retail stores! 

Get mind-boggling marijuana at its best

By Evelyn Amato,

When looking to buy marijuana online, Canada dwelling fans of weed and weed infused products come to our site to find the very best quality, top shelf product from master growers across the country who have perfected their cannabis craft over years of experience.  The growers we work with and source cannabis from are among the very best that exist coast to coast.  It is important to us that our customers, whether they use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, know they always have access to the very best.  After all, you deserve it. Visit our menu to see the exciting and varied options available to you for ordering.  Whenever you want the best come to us.  We offer a wide range of cannabis flower (bud) – indica, sativa, and hybrid – of many different strains, including some of the most popular Canadian favourites.  In addition to the finest bud, we also carry every other kind of cannabis and cannabis infused product that you can imagine!  From the most delicious gourmet cannabis food and drink, to body rubs, salves, creams and bath products – treat yourself – there is sure to be something new to you! Or buy a gift for a cannabis loving friend.  People of all ages, lifestyles and demographics are enjoying cannabis related products in Canada since legalization with seniors being one of the fastest growing groups so don’t leave grandma and grandpa out!  They would probably love to try some of the latest in cannabis infused edibles or topical creams!  We are also committed to answering any questions that might arise about any aspects of marijuana whether you are a recreational marijuana consumer or a medical cannabis user exploring your options.  

If you have any questions related to cannabis and you don’t find the answer here feel free to reach out and ask and you just might find it in an upcoming blog post ! We are your one stop, trusted, go to shop for everything weed related! Once your questions are answered visit our extraordinary menu and make your choice and prepare to be blown away by the highest quality weed you have ever seen – delivered straight to your door with our superior weed delivery service.  Knowing that you always have a place to access the very best quality Canadian weed with this kind of choice and pedigree is hugely valuable to the true weed lover. We are glad you have found us!  Remember to bookmark us for the best quality weed matched only by our impeccable customer service. 

Buy Weed Online And Have It Delivered To Your Door

By Evelyn Amato,

All research that has been conducted in cannabis marketplaces to date has shown by far that when asked most people overwhelmingly say that their favorite way to buy marijuana or weed is by door-to-door mail order or same day delivery.  This was the case even before covid hit the world with international stay-at-home only shop when necessary orders. When many people look to order weed online it is the convenience and the variety of product that is available that is the most attractive but many also tell us that they appreciate the discretion and the fact that they don’t have to wait in long lines.  Many people have commented on how quickly weed in government eyes went from being an illegal product considered a vice to literally being called an essential service.

We aren’t a bit surprised though!  1st step when you come to buy weed online is to decide what kind of product it is that you’re looking for you often find that online marijuana dispensary have a much wider selection and variety a product than you could find in a traditional retail brick and mortar store In addition there are a lot of bonuses incentives and other surprises when you order weed online.  Most people say it’s unlikely they will ever go back to shopping at retail stores and waiting in those long lines because the varied menu, excellent customer service and trusted effective delivery partners serve their weed needs. 

Some have other questions about how to buy weed online – we’re happy to tell you it’s incredibly easy.  Just choose your products from our varied menu, order, pay via interac etransfer (if you have never set up your banking for interac etransfer it is safe and secure and there are several videos available on youtube from their official site letting you know how easy it is to do it.) If you have ever ordered an uber or a pizza online, you will be pleased to know that our process on how to buy cannabis online is just as easy!   Before you know it you will have the finest in cannabis products delivered straight to your door.  We also offer many different incentives and benefits for being a loyal customer, convenient payment methods, excellent choice, and superior customer service.  Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to being your home on the internet when you want to buy weed online!

Trusted Online Marijuana Dispensary

By Evelyn Amato,

At Buy Marijuana Weed we are always here to answer any questions relating to cannabis or marijuana delivery. If you are looking for an online cannabis dispensary that you can trust you need to know that they have your best interests at heart and are not just there to sell products. We always ensure that you have all the valuable information to make your best purchase decision. Recently many of our users how come to us with questions about marijuana & weed edibles and the first thing to remember about eating cannabis or cooking with cannabis is that even if you are an experienced regular marijuana smoker you may find your tolerance for edibles is not as high as you think so the best advice is start low and go slow Increasing your dosage as necessary whether you’re using for recreational or medical purposes you won’t experience the green out effecr. A term for the discomfort some people feel when they eat too much cannabis product at any one time. When looking at ready made edibles in online marijuana dispensaries you may be surprised to see the range of products available in the current marketplace.

It’s certainly not just hash brownies anymore! In fact these days you will find a huge range of desserts, sweets, cookies and candies but also savory items – sometimes sauces, juice mixes, coffee – almost any food item you can conceive of has been commercially infused! If you’d like to try your hand at cooking with cannabis we will have another post that will go into more detail about what you need to know. Hint number one :don’t throw a bunch of bud Into a recipe without the preparation or you won’t feel a thing and you will waste some really fine weed! Check out our next post for more on how you can impress your friends and any social gathering with the finest gourmet cannabis infused meal and if you are not a chef we can introduce you to some of the finest canna cooks in the country and the things they’re doing with the plant will absolutely amaze you – from a one time Master Chef Canada to a Caribbean flavoured gourmet cook and all points in between you will not believe the incredible food creations being developed – we hope you will be inspired to try your hand and see what you can do! Watch this space for more.