Marijuana In The Movies!

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Alright, we know you’re all sitting around watching the netflix, checking out old videos on youtube, downloading movies on torrents , signing up for new video subscription services and the like, while you order weed online British Columbia to the Maritimes! While we encourage you to buy weed, Canada – we also think you should sit back and watch the weed! We had a previous episode where we spoke about some of what you might have missed in the North America wide world of weed podcasting. You might have to look a little further than your fave podcasting platform to catch the recommendations in this next piece, but we know if you are motivated you will be able to find them without TOO much trouble. 

So get ready to search these out, you might find them free online or you might have to buy weed, marijuana or stoner classic movies, but we think you will agree with us that the laughs are worth it! And of course, when we talk about laughs and stoner movies, there is nothing funnier than that old classic Reefer Madness. It wasn’t ever supposed to be a comedy. A prohibition classic, the ridiculousness of the way the characters respond to cannabis (murder, prostitution, debauchery, delinquency – you know, the things that always happen when you smoke a joint at a party! ). On the other side of the scale, the modern cannabis themed comedy Smiley Face is a lot more relatable for todays stoners – the adventures of a stoner female trying to accomplish some important goals while super stoned on edibles. 

Worth tracking down if you haven’t seen it – accompany it with some great edibles from the menu to make the movie mean just a little bit more meaningful for you! And of course no examination of cannabis themed movies can help but mention the amazing activists and actors, Cheech and Chong, who both speak out about cannabis into their late 70s. In Fact, they both appeared on the cover of Skunk Magazine this year! Another cannabis classic that deserves a mention here, is of course, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.

We’ve heard cannabis fans say they went to White Castle when they were stateside specifically because of this stoner movie. If you go on a mission of your own, bring us back a couple of burgers!

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