The Story of “How Weed Won!”

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Buy Weed Canada!” was how cannabis loving Canadians heard the initial promise of legalization. From the moment the legalization of cannabis became a serious election issue – everything changed.  The fact that the plant that so many love ever made it to the federal ballot box was a bit of a fascinating journey in itself.  Though voters across Canada – and in a majority of states across America where voters are increasingly saying yes to medical cannabis – and even recreational weed- are showing that the old “wisdom” touted in political backrooms was verifiably untrue.  Weed, it turns out, DOES “get out the vote” – and it actually brings some passionate voters ready to mark their ballot for the guy saying “Legalize!”  Not too long ago, those who said they expected to buy marijuana / weed online legally in Canada some day were openly mocked – and that included the guy standing at the podium in the political debate. 

It seems so strange when just half a decade later grandmothers are happily, and legally choosing to order weed online, British Columbia to Ontario.  Back then, other politicians thought the guy talking legalization on the podium was pretty much talking crazy talk.  The voters thought differently though, and proved that old adage wrong.  They came out in droves and voted, essentially, for legalization – for change. They voted against lies, against a hundred years of prohibition, and they won. “WEed Won!” they said and posted on social media with hashtags, and yelled, celebrating at 420 through the streets of several major cities.   The celebrations were understandable, for dozens of years not only had people been told that they were crazy for thinking the country would ever legalize the weed – and it turned out those people had been the ones who were right about the plant all along! 

Many Canadian cannabis advocates and activists speak out regularly about how they are less than happy with some of the regulations and the way that cannabis has been rolled out, and a lot of people certainly agree that the legacy market is way better at growing and selling weed than the government stores are so far, but no matter, the simple fact that the stigma has been reduced enough that professional people are now comfortable in sharing their cannabis use and people who have never tried it before are trying it now.

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