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At Buy Marijuana Weed we are always here to answer any questions relating to cannabis or marijuana delivery. If you are looking for an online cannabis dispensary that you can trust you need to know that they have your best interests at heart and are not just there to sell products. We always ensure that you have all the valuable information to make your best purchase decision. Recently many of our users how come to us with questions about marijuana & weed edibles and the first thing to remember about eating cannabis or cooking with cannabis is that even if you are an experienced regular marijuana smoker you may find your tolerance for edibles is not as high as you think so the best advice is start low and go slow Increasing your dosage as necessary whether you’re using for recreational or medical purposes you won’t experience the green out effecr. A term for the discomfort some people feel when they eat too much cannabis product at any one time. When looking at ready made edibles in online marijuana dispensaries you may be surprised to see the range of products available in the current marketplace.

It’s certainly not just hash brownies anymore! In fact these days you will find a huge range of desserts, sweets, cookies and candies but also savory items – sometimes sauces, juice mixes, coffee – almost any food item you can conceive of has been commercially infused! If you’d like to try your hand at cooking with cannabis we will have another post that will go into more detail about what you need to know. Hint number one :don’t throw a bunch of bud Into a recipe without the preparation or you won’t feel a thing and you will waste some really fine weed! Check out our next post for more on how you can impress your friends and any social gathering with the finest gourmet cannabis infused meal and if you are not a chef we can introduce you to some of the finest canna cooks in the country and the things they’re doing with the plant will absolutely amaze you – from a one time Master Chef Canada to a Caribbean flavoured gourmet cook and all points in between you will not believe the incredible food creations being developed – we hope you will be inspired to try your hand and see what you can do! Watch this space for more.

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