When Will Weed Be Legal In The USA?

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It’s interesting to consider that in many ways the American cannabis industry has advanced in some impressive ways in those states where it is accepted and legal but because of the fact that the plant is still federally illegal the industry is impeded in ways that the Canadian industry is not. There is a lot of conjecture around the possibility that the Biden administration might legalize cannabis. Others feel this perspective is likely too helpful – they just don’t see federal attitudes changing that much anytime soon. There have been some interesting recent initiatives though and if the politicians push the way they are promising to, our neighbors to the south just might be as legal as we are.

CNBC recently reported that “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and two other Democratic senators said Monday that they will push to pass this year sweeping legislation that would end the federal prohibition on marijuana…” We are sure you will agree – it’s about time! Now that we can order weed online British Columbia to The Maritimes, prohibition seems absolutely ridiculous. We can order weed online Saskatchewan wide, while they are still huddling around hiding in parking lots waiting for their dealer. Buy marijuana, weed, in any format at all in some American states and you can still expect to do some considerable time or pay a hefty fine. It seems like something out of another time. The good news is that its not just federally, more and more states are starting to come on board with modern thanking whether they are going the way of decriminalising or are outright legalizing. It is a political move that makes à lot of sense – and comes with many societal benefits. 

Tax money that comes from cannabis sales can be applied to social and municipal issues where it is most needed, controlled product can be more easily kept from the underage and more. Cannabis can be treated like any other consumer product with appropriate labelling. Also legalization of cannabis literally creates a brand new industry, job additions instead of job losses, and more. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are beginning to see the incredible advantages of legalizing from lessening rates of incarceration to new jobs and new revenue for the tax coffers. Let’s support our friends and canna family in the USA in legalizing today.

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